Purchase flow redesign

Project Details:
Role: UX Design
Timeline: 4 weeks

Lessonpal is an online tutoring platform where students can purchase lessons from tutors. My first project at Lessonpal was redesigning the lesson purchase experience on the platform.

I gave the purchase experience at Lessonpal a major redesign, boosting the purchase completion rate to 62%.

Here's a glimpse of the new purchase experience I designed:

PayPurchase confirmationReach out to your tutorMessage sentSchedule lessonsWell done

1. Getting Started - Research & Wireframes

I kicked things off by chatting with our awesome customer success team. After plenty of conversations and mapping out the user journey in a flow chart, I spotted some major issues in the old Lessonpal purchase experience.

Purchase flow 1.0 chart

Keeping these key pain points in mind, I wireframed a new experience.

2.0 wireframes

Users should be able to:

1.  Schedule lessons easily and avoid repurchasing lessons
2. Communicate with their tutor during the purchase flow
3. Join a meeting
4. Easily navigate between the different steps in the flow 

Other key requirements:

1. 100% satisfaction guarantee - Building more trust
2. Educating users through an FAQ section
3. Emotional aspect - Celebrating a purchase

2. Kicking off the designs

Confirm and pay screen

the old...
Old pay screen
...and the new
new pay screen

Purchase confirmation

the old...
Old purchase confirmation
...and the new
new purchase confirmation

More enhancements

A dialog to message the tutor
Reach out dialog

If users are purchasing lessons from a tutor for the first time, we automatically open a dialog (With a pre-populated message) to let their tutor know that they've purchased lessons.

This way, we foster connections between students and tutors that may receive 100+ tutoring requests per day.

A "Well Done" summary screen
Well done new

Once users complete purchasing and scheduling lessons, they are shown a "Well done!" screen with a floating FAQ button.

Here they can see all lessons they've scheduled, as well as FAQs they may have about their purchase.

3. The results

Once we rolled out the new purchase experience, we witnessed some amazing results: The purchase completion rate boosted to 62%, and the lesson scheduling rate surged to 77%! 🥳

The new flow was not only more intuitive for users, but it also brought huge relief to our customer success team, who no longer had to troubleshoot issues at any stage of the purchase and scheduling process.