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A Chrome extension to bookmark and share content within the same browser.
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Collect it is a productivity tool that was developed to help users easily collect, curate and share online content (like webpages, images, text and videos) from within the same browser. As a UX Researcher and Designer, my responsibility was to conduct user research and make design improvements to the existing version of Collect iT.


  • To gain an understanding of who Collect iT’s target market is, followed by our users’ experience using the tool
  • To discover user pain points to identify opportunities to improve the usability of Collect iT

Our Approach

  • Distributing surveys to gain a general understanding of our target market and their likes, dislikes and motivations for collecting online content.
  • Conducting interviews and usability testing to gain a deeper understanding of our users and our tool’s usability to inspire design changes for Collect iT.

Phase 1: Surveys

My team and I designed a survey to understand what kinds of content users save, why they save content, why they delete content, and what other tools users use to save content online. Users’ responses helped us generate ideas to implement in our designs.

We posted our Collect iT Survey to multiple groups on LinkedIn, Discord, Facebook and Slack, of which 27 users answered our survey.

Affinity map of 27 survey responses

Most people who answered our survey were product designers and coders, but students, researchers, educators and artists showed interest in our tool as well. It seemed like our target market wasn’t limited to users’ occupations or ages. Instead, our market included anyone who saves and shares online content.

Affinity Map Insights

  • The two most common content collection tools users use are Notion and Chrome bookmarking.
  • Most users delete bookmarks when they are no longer interested in the content they saved.
  • Users would like an easier interface for organizing and classifying content.

Phase 2: Interviews & Usability Testing

We conducted 5 in depth user interviews to gather further insight on what users like/dislike about existing content collection tools. Here are what a couple of our users expressed:

Users’ responses inspired us to brainstorm potential design changes and additions to Collect iT.

In the same interview call, we conducted usability testing on the existing version of Collect iT. Asking users to speak out loud their task path for each task, I took note of their difficulty levels doing the each of the tasks, their click path, and any feedback.

Sample of a usability note-taking sheet from our first user testing session

Usability Testing Insights

I gathered the following insights and pain points from the usability testing sessions:

  • 5 out of 5 users thought the upload button was a share button.
  • 5 out of 5 users did not recognize that the purple bar on top of their webpage is the central point for all the Collect iT functionalities.
  • 4 out of 5 users had difficulty creating a folder.
  • 3 out of 5 users wanted a confirmation before deleting a folder or subfolder.
  • 3 out of 5 users had difficulty collecting a webpage.

3. Design

Under NDA. Coming Soon!